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About V3

Virtus. Veritas. Venia.

Courage. Truth. Grace.

These are the 3 tenets at V3 Productions. Courageous storytelling, that is artist-forward and aligned with a client's original vision. Truth and transparency in financial dealings and contract negotiations. Grace in conduct, professionalism, inclusivity, and community. 

Our Story

We here at V3 Productions want to create a space where emerging talent, especially those from minority, female, and non-binary backgrounds, could bring their creative projects to life. 

Through V3 Productions, we inspire and educate others to believe in themselves and their stories. To empower them to pursue their creative dreams, whether it's making a film, writing a book, or producing content. 


V3 Productions is not just about creating entertainment; it's about creating opportunities and fostering a supportive community and hope to be a source of inspiration and support for talented individuals we meet along the way.


We are dedicated to bringing transparency and integrity to our business operations, maintaining strong collaborations with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, and ensuring that their voices and visions are heard and respected. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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